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Leather Tags Making Process

Leather Tags Making Process

Cut, Sanding & Burnishing 

Tags are painted with a base coat of white paint before painting the actual colors to achieve the best result...

After the base coat, the tags are painted 3-7 coats of the different colors they are available in....

colors like Rose Gold are very "thin" and take up to 7 coats to look "right", they take the longest to make...

After the main colors are dry.....tags are engraved and sealed to resist water and normal wear.

There are thousands of icons/images to choose from... 

For the bigger tags, your pet's face is drawn by an artist and later engraved onto the tag and painted...

Once the tags are dry from the finishing coat, the hardware is attached, silver and gold hardware are available. 

After that the tags are finally packed and ready to be sent to the purchaser!

Although the tags are small, it takes several days to complete them from start to finish.

This is due to the painting and required drying times in between each coat of paint. 

All processes are done by hand.

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