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Wooden Name Plaque (Mini)


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This personalised wooden name plaque / sign can be used on pet crates,
hang it by your pet's food and water bowls,
on the wall above their bed, or part of a gallery wall.
It's the perfect gift for someone with a new furry family member or a unique gift for a pet lover!

Made with Basswood Ply
Plaid Ribbon
Size: 13cm * 5cm (5.11" * 1.96")
Thickness: 5mm
* Wood is a natural material and varies in grain from piece-to-piece. Your item may be slightly lighter or darker than what is pictured depending on how the wood takes the stain.

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2 holes with ribbon, 2 holes no ribbon, 3m tape on the back, Bare - no holes, no tape, no ribbon


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